Insurance House Reviews

 Customer Ratings & Reviews


We have been with Insurance House for quite a while now with our home and auto coverage. We really appreciate the attention to detail and how extremely helpful everyone has been. Navigating through the ins and outs of insurance could be extremely difficult without a wonderful agent to guide us. We appreciate all The Insurance House did to help us out!


The Insurance House team worked hard to find just the right insurance to fit all of our needs – Auto, Home, Farm Buildings, Recreational Vehicles. They were very good to work with.

Melissa has been absolutely wonderful! When there was confusion with the bank, she made sure we remained covered.  Great customer service and communication.


Excellent staff!  Very helpful with anything I need.


Always working to get me the best possible coverage.  I recommend you to my mother and she is also pleased with her policy.  Thank you.

Pamela B.

Always working to get me the best possible coverage.  I recommend you to my mother and she is also pleased with her policy.  Thank you.

Pamela B.

Always available and always get things done.
Brian M


You are always there for us
Larry W.


Always very helpful and responsive. Quick to answer questions about my policies and make helpful recommendations 
Tom G.


The changes saved me money.  While I had some questions they where answered in just a couple of phone calls. 
Gregory H.


You all were very proactive & helpful with representing us in the claim process earlier this year when we were struck by a tornado.  We are very grateful for that support.




You call back or email back from messages if you are not available when I call or email. 
Mike C.


Always looking out to see if I can save money with my insurance coverage.
Sheila O.


Readily available by text or phone..
Quick response to claims. Knowledgeable with all our problems & questions..
Ron G.


Always there when you have a loss.  Shops for the best policy.


We enjoyed our experience with the Insurance  House.
Brenda B.


Simplify a very complex process.


The personal service and experience with a claim  is outstanding.
Thomas L.


Yes I am happy to do business with you.thank you
Rufus L.


Had research done prior 2 meeting with multiple options 2 fit my needs. Very knowledgeable and pleasant.
James P.


Great prices
Jack W.


You consider/evaluate our entire scenario before prescribing which and what type of policy would be right for us!  NOT a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach.

David E.

Great help with my Medicare supplemental insurance, prescription drug insurance & health insurance for my wife
Richard C.


Excellent and prompt customer service. The Insurance House will go the extra mile for you, they sure have for us!
Josh M.


Karen was a great asset in making a final decision about our Medicare options. Great service to the Marion community.
Rickey H.


You were looking out for my best interests when you switched my supplement to a lower priced premium and I really appreciated it.
Yolanda W.


You were looking out for my best interests when you switched my supplement to a lower priced premium and I really appreciated it.
Yolanda W.


The service is very good and always prompt.  Always does what is asked and more than expected.
Bob G.


Being there when needed.
David H.


The Insurance House treats you like you’re family.They make sure they do everything they can for you.
Robert H.


Great service.  Friendly staff.  I always get prompt service if I call the office.  I am very pleased with the Insurance House and my agent Clay Bradley.
Dr. B.


Karen was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient.
David M.


If I ever need an answer or accident or tornado or inland hurricane, I can ALWAYS rely on Clay Bradley to be there.
Pat B.


Karen was extremely professional and very knowledgeable.  She walked us through a very confusing process and made everything easy to understand.  Highly recommend.
Susan R.


We were with you before we left Illinois and were very pleased with the service and prices. We will be in town next week and hope to stop by.
Steven L.


Great customer service!
Corey M.


You listened to what we wanted and were quick getting back to us with options. We didn’t feel pressured, and appreciated being able to make our own decision.
John M.


People are great!
Scott B.


Good plans, good companies, and most important good rates.
Michael P.


The Insurance House gave me more coverage for a better price than my previous agent.  I highly recommend Julie and the Insurance House for your Insurance needs.
Jim O.


Found coverage at less cost.
Linda H.


Insurance House has always went the extra mile to get our business the best insurance at the best rate.
Brian N.


Personal service from our agent
Charles R.


Curt was very easy to discuss options and I feel he did a great job getting us the best rates


Bonnie is wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and very quick to respond! Great insurance company!
Julie M


My first year with the insurance house-it’s been good so far. everything was done, i just had to pick what option was best for me.
Melba T


Prompt service.  Always resolve our problems.  Always available to answer any questions/concerns that we may have.
Pat B.


Great company. Prompt service with helpful employees.
Steve W.


You were such a big help  finding us insurance that I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase insurance to talk to you. Thanks again.
Roger M.


Staff is very helpful  and will go out of their to help you.
Rodger R.


My insurance agent Karen Cripps, set into motion an affordable solution for my medical supplement, explained in person , so I could understand how I would be insured.. I appreciate the personal touch.
Alice R.


Lower rates with quality insurance plus great service. We highly recommend The Insurance House. Thanks Curt!
Michael W.


Love the one on one attention I get from my agent.
Justin S.


Not only am I a satisfied customer of The Insurance House, but I refer friends, colleagues and clients to Karen Cripps regularly.   Keep up the good work!
Winter C.


You researched everything and gave me time to live life thanks for getting through the red tape!
Susan H.


Karen was very patient and thorough.  She made me feel special.  It is great knowing Karen  takes the extra time even though it is obvious she has many pans in the fire.  
James D.


Melissa offers great customer service and timely correspondence when I have questions or concerns.



Personal communication skills are excellent. When I call, which is not that often, Clay has my number saved in his phone, and answers “Hello Dr. what can I do for you”? I think that lets the client know immediately that they are important.
Dr. G.


You were very helpful at finding the best coverage for my husband and myself. I have recommended you to my friends.


I appreciate the fact that Bonnie keeps Greg and I informed of any changes and always make sure she gets us the best rate for all of our insurance policies. She’s always professional and an absolute Delight to work with.
Greg G.


We feel confident in the service you provide
Gary O.


Knowledgeable, caring and quick to help!


Quick feedback very great service


Great customer service, always!
Ryan H.


Very good customer service.


Great office staff!
Steve P.


I have been with the Insurance House since it was founded by Bob Bradley and I have always been more than satisfied with the service I have received. You have insured four homes and scores of cars for me and I have yet to be disappointed with anything.
Robert C.


My sister in law said you was very nice and helped her understand every thing. She told me about you. So I came and was very pleased. Answered all my questions, would and did recommend you to other people.
Bertis A.


Extremely fast and  to the point service. I didnt feel like I was getting the ” Up Sell”  speach


Very quick about answering questions that I have. Very friendly people to work with you.
Charlotte H.


You worked very hard to save us money. I shopped ever year for insurance and the insurance house beat me to punch and got me a better deal without me having to look and the after service can’t be beat.
Chad N.


Listens to my needs.
Allegra H.


You helped me pick out right policy for the right price I could afford. Without your help I wouldn’t of been able to pick right one for me.
Donna C.


Just very helpful in providing information on Medicare supplements.


Very knowledgeable answered all my questions.
Sharon E.


My questions are always answered quickly
Tammy R.


We always feel like we belong to the “Insurance House Family.”
Donald G.


Helped Jim and I find the cheapest supplement and prescription insurance possible. Thanks
Judith E.


Informative and always courteous when asking for information.


I have already recommend the Insurance House to a friend. Thank you for your help.
Phillip J.


Bonnie was very helpful!!!


Helping us to get the insurance that’s right for us. thank you


Clay made getting my insurance easy no problems.


A pleasant person answers the phone (not a robot).  The staff is willing to help the customer. Still putting the customer first.  That is awesome…
Robert G.


I worked with you, Karen, and really liked your feedback. You explained everything in my language. I have already sent people to you and will continue to do so.
Mary J.


Clay really takes care of his customers.


Attention to customer’s needs.
Barbara H.


The insurance house was the only place that allowed me to pick the amount of coverage I wanted, and did not try to oversell me on the amount of coverage I needed.
Kaylan G.


We appreciate your availability.  We appreciate your flexibility in meeting our changing insurance needs when they occur.


You were very friendly and pointed out the options that was best for me.
Deana N.


I can always depend on friendly service and get the answers I need in a prompt  and courteous manner.
Billy P.


Friendly helpful staff and great service

Mylinda G.

Melissa worked with us to get the proper amount of coverage needed at a competitive price. She has always been good to explain our policy coverage when we have questions. I am more comfortable with my coverage because I understand my policy and trust my agent.


Shaun and I live a busy, hectic life.  But doesn’t every body?!   And it’s such a relief to know that Curt Mayer at the Insurance House has everything under control. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about so I take that precious spare time and focus on things I enjoy.
Susan H.


I have been with insurance house for over 8 years and they always seem to help me find the right prices.
Victoria S.


Always dependable!! We had a flood a week before Mothers Day!! Clays crew cleaned our entire store and got us up and running before the big day!! Thank you to Clay and his team for helping us through this ordeal.  10 stars!!!


Karen has been a huge help getting my Medicare and supplements set up.  I couldn’t ask for more!!
Lori M.


Great service in timely fashion. Right amount of coverage and premium was in budget
Tervier M.


Anytime that I call or stop by with a question or concern I have always gotten a full explanation that is easy to understand. I always get prompt and friendly service.
Steve E.


Insurance House has always responded to any insurance needs in an urgent manner. No issues for the 14 years I’ve had them.


We have been customers for the last 22 years and The Insurance House is always extremely helpful with any questions we have and we feel is always searching for the best deal to meet our family insurance needs.
Ray B.


Excellent service provided by my agent Melissa and other staff. Always looking out for my best interest and very helpful when I call with questions.
David S.


Always a helpful voice and timely answers and call back. So glad to have them!


Friendly service, timely service
S M.


In the beginning it was a lot to absorb, .but we are catching on pretty well.  I run in to a problem every once in a while, and I contact the company.  You did a great job, it’s just us elderly & sick people that struggle sometimes.

Mary F.

Any time I have a question about my insurance or need advice about coverage I can call the office and someone will call me  back within 24 hours.



Melissa is on top of everything we ask. Great service
Penne W.


Very friendly and professional.. Was very easy to add a policy saved me time and money.. thank u!!!
Teddy B.


Clay looks out for us and procures the most viable alternatives for our insurance needs.
Boyt E.


Have been with Clay for a long time and he has always taken care of our Home, Auto, and now Med Supp needs to fit within our budget.


Gave great information, and answered all of our questions in terms we could understand.
Elizabeth I.


Found a good insurance for my supplement. On time for the appointment and explaned everything in detail.


The wealth of knowledge that Clay and staff possess, it carries over into making sure their clients are taken care of properly.
Matthew S


I have always be treat with respect and all my questions been answered any time I called in a very quick manner. 
Terry M.


Clay and his staff are always available to answer questions and handle claims with a very quick response and assure we are compensated fairly. Clay always makes sure that our coverage is where it needs to be without over insuring us. It is so nice to have local insurer who knows us and responds so promptly. The wife and I have been with the Insurance House for well over twenty years and never would we consider any other!
Richard S.




Easy to set up an appointment. Karen is knowledgeable about insurance and very personable.



I think the rates are fair and any questions I have are answered promptly.
Ronald S.


Great rates. Great service. & always have an answer to any question that I may have.


You went above and beyond what was required when helping us find temporary insurance from January 1st until we went on Medicare.
Kenneth B.


Everyone I have ever talked to at The Insurance House has been friendly and helpful, especially Karen.  We had a problem with being over billed by our insurance carrier, and Karen helped us work it all out.  She was very friendly and patient with my never ending questions. 


Professionals all around. When I call from far away (happens often) it doesn’t matter who answers the phone, I always get my problem resolved quickly.
Brian C.


Robin S


Good attention to details, Understand our requirements, Finds the best value policies, Communicates


Josh C.


Always letting me know ahead of time to renew that you’re looking for the best rates for me. . . . . .and always return my calls or answer any questions almost immediately.
Joann A.


Helped us find a good supplement and prescription insurance at the best possible price.


I liked it that I could talk to you over the phone, and you collected the information you needed to find a selection of insurances that would fit my needs; when we met I was immediately comfortable in your presence and I appreciated that.  You had everything laid out for me to look at, and explained everything to me, then let me make my choice. I was very happy with the outcome; and I know that if I have any future questions and needs you will be there for me.
Pamela G.


The Insurance House hires excellent employees,  and provides the very best protection for their clients !




Karen Cripps has been very helpful. She always has an answer for me.
Nancy S.


Always quick, professional, and helpful responses to any inquiries or needs we may have.


Karen always has answers to all my questions. She is prompt in returning calls and ready to get to work to resolve whatever comes up. She helped me with marketplace insurance, and I was able to get a much better policy than I expected due to her research.


Alway available and very professional


Always helpful and professional.


Great company, insuring a vacant flip house. I recommend to investors
Dave G.


I made a phone call and my request was taken care of immediately.  Nice to know I have an insurance agent that cares about customer service.  He and his office excel in customer service, a rarity this day and age!


I ask every team member to; “Protect and Grow the Assets of the Company”…Clay is always looking out for our Company, I consider he and Company part of our Team.  He is very dependable which is an asset as well, we “Trust” him and his Company.  Great Service!!!!  Francis Pass, Owner/Partner/GM, Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning


Karen was very helpful. she did all of the research for me when I was looking for coverage after I went on Medicare. She found good coverage for me at the least expense from my pocket.


Just recently had a small claim and it was taken care of in a few days.
Michael B.


Very quick & easy.


Fast friendly service


Curt is very helpful with getting you the best deal and caring
Chelsey D.


Made us feel like our agent Karen really cared about us.  Genuine humankind for the elderly citizens.  Thank you Karen!!
Ronald H.




Melissa and everyone else at The Insurance House are so friendly and helpful. The customer service is top notch!
Wendy G.


Great service and lots of options !


I have worked with Clay Bradley for many years and I feel I can trust him.  Finding the right, affordable insurance is most definitely a matter of trust in the individual you are working with.  Clay has always been approachable, kind, and easy to work with.  He is NOT a procrastinator.  He gets the work done quickly and in the time frame he commits to.  He has an efficient staff to back him up and are kind and efficient as well!
Chris S.


Goes above and beyond.  I like the fact that we meet from time to time just to make sure any changes we have had are covered.  Other agents don’t do that.  Competitive pricing is great, but trust is crucial.  They have my trust.
David H.


Melissa has been great, she has handled everything from home, auto, rental, and boat insurance for me, wouldn’t go to anybody else. She has always found the best deals and is always available in person to answer my questions.


Curt Mayer did an excellent job getting me setup when other companies just made it more difficult for no good reason.
Cody M.


Very helpful and knowledgeable staff
Tom G.


We highly recommend Insurance House for your needs.  We have our liability and work comp with them.  They are quick to take care of our needs. Thanks Clay and staff.
John M.


Plain and simple.  Customers like plain and simple.
Esaw L.


They are the best at what they do. I have a boat,truck, car, utility vehicle and home all insured with them. Any problems they take care of it immediately and at a very affordable price.
Steve L.



Karen Cripps has always given us the best in customer service by taking care of our needs in a timely manner and with expert knowledge and experience.  I would recommend her to anyone.
Melissa L.


While purchasing a new car, you made the transfer easy. Also, adding road side assistance paid off when we had a flat tire in the rain on Easter night on the interstate while traveling home from vacation. Thank you so much!
Julie C.


Very nice, easy to talk to. Didn’t make me feel stupid for asking a lot of questions.
Cheryl W.


They always work with me to help find the best insurance packages for my family’s circumstances, and very friendly & attentive staff!!



I sell Real Estate and Clay has helped a lot of my clients.  I refer people to him all the time when they are buying a new house because I know he will take are of them and give them a policy that is best for them and at a reasonable amount. 
Mike C.


Always there to answer my questions.
Ronald G.



I love it that Insurance House’s employees take the time to know their customers…ME…and, when I call I do not feel like a faceless number in the computer! I am terrible at keeping track of details, with IH I don’t have to!!!
Robby R.



You give us great service and quickly.


Great attitude and explains things well. Pleasure dealing with all.
Brian U.


Awesome Service
Patrick C.


You took the confusion away for us when looking for the right Medicare plans for our future. We have recommended your services to several other people in our situation.


Did everything you said you would do…very competitive prices…trusted Agent/Owner.


Helped us get the coverage we needed in a timely manner and a friendly atmosphere 


We are really pleased with the service provided with our personal and business insurance. We will highly recommend them.

Sergio C.

The knowledge that you have for your business and the time by which you explain each piece…so helpful and appreciated

Greg T.

Hassle free experience. Very polite staff. Would recommend to anyone


Clay has always been there. I hit a deer T 8am on a Saturday morning. I called Clay and he came all the way to Carbondale to help me. The May 8th storm we got paid in 2 days because Clay was here. We had a tree fall on our fence one time and Clay was there and our tree removed and our fence repaired in 1 day I have been with Clay Bradley for over 25 years and all my grown children are now insured (home, auto, health and life) with Clay. I could not recommend him more. Trust him, you won’t be sorry

Pat B.

Karen made sign up for Medicare easy and quick. She was well prepared and thorough. She is a definite asset to The Insurance House. Highly recommend her!

Susan R.

Reduced the rates on both cars and greatly reduced the premium on our house. Thanks for doing the “shopping” for me!


Always answered our questions immediately or call back with the information we were wanting to know.


We love The Insurance House! The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to help with any questions we may have or changes we need made to our policies. Plus, when we switched from our previous broker, The Insurance House was able to save us over $800 annually!

Brynn W.

Clay and the agents at the Insurance House have went above and beyond to meet our insurance needs. Their care and willingness to help navigate home and auto insurance from a distance and through special circumstances shows the dedication they have for their clients. Thank you Insurance House!

Danny B.

Great service and knowledge of products


We value the promptness to attention from Clay Bradley and his staff. Not many companies offer personal service anymore. Local companies with local representatives are the heart of a small town.


Karen, my insurance is the perfect fit for my needs and also the perfect cost.

Yolanda W.

VERY PROFESSIONAL AND PROMPT. Clay takes a personal interest and care for his clients and their needs and is always competitive in price.

Robert S.

The Insurance house lives up to its motto. They care about their customers.  Clay works hard for his clients.  His personal involvement in your claims means a lot to us
Gary O.


Great customer service! The staff is excellent and Clay is too! 
Payne M.


I like the way that you helped me find the most reasonable for what I needed and I like the printouts that you gave me so I can see what’s going on.


I appreciate the service I get from The Insurance House.  That’s why I’ll never go anywhere else.  I had insurance with another agent from the time I was 16 until I switched to the Insurance House!  Never, not even once did that agent call me to tell me he could lower my insurance.  Thank you Clay and all your staff.
Ray A.


Karen was an absolute blessing to us when we were looking for a Medicare supplement plan and a Medicare Part D plan for our medications. She did all the leg work and had all the information set up in a very easy to understand format. She was extremely knowledgeable in all facets of these plans and helped up to pick the very best for our needs. We have recommended her to our friends and will always  feel comfortable talking to her about any insurance needs that we might have.


George N.

Karen is good to work with. Thorough, helpful and up-beat.

Darrel C.

Curt made it very simple..Quick saving money is always a plus. 


I called, you helped, you followed through! That’s good service!

Susan H.

Julie found us the best coverage at the best price and is great to work with and always available to answer any questions. Highly recommend the Insurance House.


Todd K.


I have been a customer of the Insurance House since its beginning in the early 1970’s. First Bob, and then Clay, have always provided me with exemplary service. For nearly 50 years I have seen no reason to change and I still see no reason, so why should I change?
Robert C.


I correspond with you by phone  since I live out of state. Thankfully our communication experience is always smooth and satisfying. You are always able to answer any of my questions professionally and with a very positive attitude. I would and do recommend others who need your services to contact you and see for themselves how pleasant it is to do business with people who really want to provide an excellent service……..

Don M.


Curt was very easy to work with and provided us with a reputable company that has a cheaper rate with better coverage.


I always know that the service will be great.  Everyone is so friendly and ready to help when you walk in. 


We have used the Insurance House and specifically Clay Bradley for both business and personal insurance uses.  I don’t think you can find anyone who will give you better service.

Richard H.

We were recently closed over the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday and returned to our business after a power outage and subsequent Pipe Freezing and water exploding all over everything, our production equipment, damage to the building, a real nightmare!!!   While standing in ankle deep water, I placed a call to The Insurance House explaining our bad luck, it seemed as if before I could turn around and try to decide how to start setting things straight HERE CAME MY AGENT, WITH A WHOLE TEAM OF PEOPLE TO SET IT STRAIGHT FOR ME.  I have always been very happy with The Insurance House, but I must say this time I am absolutely amazed!!!


Your staff always goes above and beyond to help when I call with a question and to make sure we’re getting the best rates.

Mike H.

I have had insurance with the Insurance House for probably 40+ years, beginning with Clay’s dad Bob and continuing with Clay.  I have insured home, apartments, autos and even boats with them and have always got the same great rates and service for a very long time.  Clay is always available to speak with me day or night if I have a problem.  I highly recommend them to anyone.  Great job!

Ignatius C.

I would recommend your agency to all who are looking for a caring

and helping insurance agency, as I have relied on your assistance

for over 30 years.

Glenn T.

I have had our home and auto insurance with the Insurance House for over 30 years.  And my entire family also enjoy the service and care from Mr. Bradley and his associates.   They respond if we need information or anything we could need.  They are a home town company and they are a committed and loyal company.  

Jane H.

Prompt and friendly service.  Clay has always gone to bat for us whenever we’ve had a claim!!  

Jason O.


Clay is always there to meet any insurance needs we have. We have been with Insurance House for a long time and anyone there is friendly and very helpful.


I have been a client of Clay’s for several years now, and I have to say, Clay is probably one of the most professional businessmen I have ever dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and hardworking. If he cannot give you an answer right away, he always gets back with the information you need. He always has his clients’ best interest in mind. I would HIGHLY recommend Clay to anyone.

Alex P.

Melissa is great. Gets back to you really fast on quotes!

Penne W.

Always, when you walk into the office, you feel valued. Not only as a customer, but as being part of Insurance House’s family.

Donald G.

Clay and his people are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  This is a great place to do business with!

John R.

I had a horrible accident and The Insurance house took the worry out of it.  A little information and they handled the rest.  Thank you, Clay Bradley and Cincinnati Insurance for your impeccable service.

John H.


Karen Cripps is the best.  She works tirelessly to make sure I have the most appropriate coverage at the best price.

Cindy C.

Clay and his team are always available for questions and consultations and continually strive to offer my husband and I excellent coverage options at a great price. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Ryan H.

The staff and their commitment to help their clients with their insurance needs and to take the time to answer any questions they might have and always with a smile is a rarity and a welcome change from this face pasted world we live in.


When unsure of health insurance options, cost, and when would need activated, Karen was confident, informative, and proactive in getting me the best coverage at the best price. Thanks again.


Great staff!  Always responsive & helpful.

Confident we are taken care of and covered.


Karen was patient with all my questions.   Even though my knowledge of insurance is not strong, Karen did not make me feel ignorant.  I look forward to her help in the future.

James D.

Clay and staff are willing to work to present the best plan. Recently, they reduced our insurance costs by $1200. They initiated the effort to lower our cost. Appreciated.


You always respond to my questions/concerns promptly!


Karen Cripps has taken care of our insurance needs for many years.  She is always prompt in answering questions and always there when we need her.  Client service is her area of excellence matched only by her knowledge of her field.  Lifetime client here. 

Melissa L., Customer

I have never had a problem with anything, and have recommended this insurance to all of my friends…

Teresa G., Customer

Fast & friendly service. Always have answers for whatever your question may be.


When I have a question or need something changed, Julie is quick to get it done.
Robert T., Customer


Very friendly and helpful agents.


Saved us money for payment of insurance for our home and automobiles. Always available for our insurance needs. Very knowledgeable and professional.


Ms Julie Campbell is quick to help with any questions I might have and takes care any inconveniences that I might have. She is the best insurance agent I have ever had the privilege of dealing with.




Very thorough and prompt when dealing with our issues. Staff are courteous and helpful. I don’t feel like I’m just a customer, but that the agency appreciates your business.


I always appreciate the phone call or email every year letting me know that they are looking for the best policy/coverage for me.  I have both my home and my vehicle insured with Insurance House.  Excellent customer service.  I recommend them highly. 

Joann A., customer

Always do a great job finding me the right coverage for my business and vehicles.
Michael F., customer


Very quick service, helped me handle my situation. I was very thankful.
Don L., customer



#1.  When we were disenchanted with Insurance Agents who we thought were looking out for our best interest and discovered that was not true…We found “YOU, Clay Bradley”.

#2. You have never let us down and I think it can be summed up with one word…Proactive.  Pealing back the onion revealing what is and what isn’t.  We have honored you with our business because of “Trust” and “Security”.

#3. Thank you for being there for us. 

Pass, Customer

Karen got me in quickly and had everything figured out for me but informed me of my different choices and the difference between them and let me decide.

She then handled all of the paper work so when I walked out of her office I was set and with no worries.

Susan F. Customer

Clay Bradley (The Insurance House) provides excellent service for our insurance needs.  He is always easy to get in touch with concerning any questions we have.  I would highly recommend The Insurance House to anyone for any insurance services.

P Brown, CFO Marion Community Unit School District No. 2

Provided the best rates for the coverage I needed.
Nichole H., customer


Karen took away all my issues and made my life so much easier. I needed short term gap insurance between a job change and I was being hassled by other insurance companies. It was very overwhelming. She took care of everything I needed, gave me different coverage and pricing options, and made things a breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 
Thank you, Karen! 

Staci D., customer


Value and availability.  We previously had insurance through a popular national chain.  It was expensive and our agent was difficult to get a hold of and often left us to do the leg work for any claims filling.  Julie was able to find us a tremendously better rate and if she’s not available when you call you can expect a call back before the end of the day


Curt has been great.
Scott B., customer


The Insurance House is amazing! I utilize them for my insurance and I also refer others to them on a regular basis. They are professional, kind and caring and always have smiles on their faces. 
Megan J., customer


Very responsive to questions or when we need assistance.


I had never used roadside assistance before, and when I was broke down on the interstate at 11:00 p.m., in a bad storm, with my 1 yr old grandbaby, you made sure I got the help I needed, and, never said a word about it! That goes beyond doing your job!  
Robby R., customer


Y’all have always been readily available for any insurance questions that Gary or I have had.  We appreciate it very much and that is very important to us.  Thank you!
Gary S., customer


Friendly Office Staff and Prompt Response when needed
Sheila O., customer


Prompt service 
Charles L., customer


Melissa was very attentive from our first conversation with her when we were inquiring about different insurance policies. She was knowledgeable and offered good advice. We appreciated her excellent follow through! She always got back with us when she said she would.
Quincy S., customer


I was at a loss and Karen very clearly talked me through the options of supplemental insurance and helped choose the plan best for my needs.


When I refer someone to The Insurance House, I always know they will be taken care of. 
Mike C., customer


Take care of our concerns right away.


The insurance House has found insurance for my boat, cars, UTV ,truck and home  at an affordable cost. Any issues I have had with insurance company’s they have addressed immediately ! They are very fair and honest to deal with and service is great. They are a great resource of information for any type of insurance. Keep up the good work!
Steve L., customer


Friendly and convenient service


Always responsive and timely
Tom G., customer


Everyone is always very helpful, recently changed from a renters policy to homeowners policy on a mobile home.   Also set it up so my premium is paid directly from my bank account, so I don’t have to worry about missing a payment while I’m gone at work.


Prompt service. Great rates. Friendly and knowledgeable agents.
Carla N. Customer