Cybersecurity and Working Remotely

What can remote workers do to help protect their companies’ networks? The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence offers recommendations to improve your cybersecurity while working from home:

  • Follow your company’s rules and policies for remote working.
  • Protect your computer system from unauthorized access by securing your WiFi network using the most current software.
  • Use strong passwords and do not connect to a public WiFi when accessing business information;  public networks lack security.
  • If your company has a VPN, use that on your device for stronger protection.
  • When using your own computer or mobile device that is not issued by your company, be sure you have enabled all security features including a strong password, PIN, fingerprint and facial ID features to prevent anyone from accessing it.
  • Always make sure your computers and mobile devices are updated with the latest patches and security updates.  Most devices include an option for automatic updates.
  • Contact your company’s IT help desk or IT security center if you notice unusual or suspicious activity on your device…it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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